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The decision to redesign your home is never taken lightly. It will almost always involve some level of disruption to your life, especially if the redesign will make substantial changes to the entire fabric of the building.

There is a difference between painting over the cracks and knuckling down for an overall design. Many homeowners will find themselves somewhere on a scale between those two ends. When deciding that some work needs to be done to your home.

What kind of redesign

The redesign can involve several approaches. You could be remodeling. You could be restoring and you could be renovating. While the three concepts are closely related, they reference different aspects to the new design.


Remodeling is an activity that can be undertaken on any scale, whether you’re making changes to a single room such as a bathroom or the den, or changing the look of the entire property. When a home owner decides that a home redesign is necessary it is usually a substantial project. This will involve careful planning and proper project management.


Remodeling and renovation usually go together and will involve upgrading a property that has aged somewhat and needs to be updated. This could involve everything from rewiring the electrics, to complete refurbishment of walls, floors, ceilings, and the exterior roof. In some cases where the core of the property remains sound, the renovation may involve adding a living space or improving current living spaces. It may even involve opening two living spaces to form one large space, or alternatively to divide a large space into two smaller spaces.


Restoration involves returning a property to its former glory. This is often a redesign project for older homes that have a history and the owner wants to retain the heritage features of the home. That doesn’t mean that the home can’t enjoy all the current modern conveniences. It simply means that modern appliances, technology, and methods need to be integrated sensitively into the project.

Restoration and renovation go hand in hand because when restoring as part of a remodeling project, it is likely that there will be a lot of repair and recovery work to be completed, particularly in old buildings.

Do you need consent?

In some cases, the work to be done will require approval from your local authority. It is better to establish whether any permits are required before you start the work than to have to try and obtain one retrospectively. A professional contractor will know where permits are required or not. Always ask about the necessity for permits.

When the project will involve an architect or a designer who will then appoint a contractor make sure that you know who will be responsible for establishing whether a permit will be required or not. Having a design professional have a look after these administrative tasks and processes will make the project easier to manage and will take a load off your shoulders.

Regardless o where you are having work done in Chicago, remember to check building codes and the reputation of your designer. Always.

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