Home interior design in Des Moines

When deciding that you want to update your home interior design, there will be several factors to consider. First of all, have you done this before? Secondly, do have a clear idea of what you want to have done? Finally, have you established a budget and how did you come to that figure?

In Des Moines, you should have no problem in finding a competent and affordable interior designer. What you really need to do is find one that connects with you, and understands what it is that you really want to achieve.

Developing the brief.

If you don’t tell your interior designer what it is that you want them to do, they may well feel that you are giving them carte blanche to do as they see fit with your project. When providing a brief, they need to know about you. Your personality, your likes, and dislikes are all very important at the very early stage. If you’re unsure exactly what it is that you want, ask your designer to come up with a few ideas based on an introductory discussion. Remember they’re being paid to create your dream home, not theirs.

Ask a lot of questions

Interior design may be about color, shape and color trends, but it’s also about what works for you. Trying out ideas like using old furniture to offset the clinically clean new space may work. But then it may not. You need to know that your designer can work their magic within the budget and your personal taste. You’ll want to know that they can source items that are unusual so that your home doesn’t look similar to the last one they designed and or decorated. For that matter, you don’t want the next home they decorate to like your either.

Ask for references and examples of their previous work. Good interior designers will have photographs of everything that they do. This should give you an idea of whether you will connect on the same wavelength.


Good design means that indoor and outdoor spaces will have continuity. Ask your designer if they work with a good garden landscaper because it stands to reason that you may decide to move onto the exterior of your home once the interior work has been completed.

Nobody redesigns their home without wanting to keep their most precious possessions. Remember to ask your designer how they will integrate your non-negotiable possessions into the new design.

The right relationship

If when you first meet your designer, it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t. Don’t continue the relationship. You will both end up disappointed. There are plenty of designers to choose from and if takes you longer to find the right designer than it does to complete the project, does it matter? The extra time taken to find the perfect designer for you will leave you with years of satisfaction in your newly redesigned home. A small sacrifice for long term joy.