Bathroom Makeovers Tips on a Budget

Bathroom Makeovers Tips on a Budget

Working on bathroom makeovers on a tight budget for small or large scale ones can also be quite difficult.
A lot of things should be considered to attain the desired output in mind considering the available resources on hand.
Though it is ideal to call and pay contractors and plumbers to do the work, much can also be done by a respective homeowner or business establishment manager.
Below are tips which can help on big or small bathroom makeover ideas on a budget and plans you have in mind for future renovations:
Ensure you have everything on hand prior to jumping into the project

Before you grab the hammer and begin cutting the needed wood and supplies, make sure everything you’re going to need is prepared and ready. Consider those items which would take several weeks to prepare and order like vanity tops, special order tiles, shower heads for shower makeovers, sinks and the likes. Others materials such as plumbing fixtures, new lighting, bathtubs should also have already been pre-ordered and communicated depending on your preference. It is ideal to have these done to have an efficient flow of activities for your bathroom project and you’ll be able to identify whether you need an extra hand in moving the plumbing lines for the sink location or running new cable for the lights before you rip up and do patching on the walls.

Bare in mind all possible options

In ordering special parts and items for your bathroom makeovers diy, some home centers may have limited selection of vanities and tops while special orders may take 4 weeks to month for delivery, it is best to take a look on all other sources. There are local independent suppliers who specialize in natural stone have a wide variety of tops ranging in different sizes and colors. They may also provide custom-cut tops which would fit on personalized and unusual spaces and shapes. In today’s modern times, what’s readily accessible would be the internet or online websites. One can begin surfing and contacting independent retailers and get massive discounts and selections.

Plan for Shower storage

Other than the shower makeovers, you would want to consider shower storage for your shampoo, soap, razor and body wash. Most especially for tiny bathroom makeover, we wouldn’t want to consume additional space for these. We wouldn’t want to settle with cheap plastic units that hang from the showerhead or attached to rods that run from the tub to the ceiling which is quite unpleasing to the eyes. A better solution would be built in the-wall shelving. The finished output shelving, especially if tiled appropriately, looks very attractive and doesn’t jut into the shower. With this one don’t have to worry about knocking off the shampoo bottles with elbows when you’re singing karaoke into the showerhead.

Ripping the Underlayment

A major time-consuming factor in special or cheap bathroom makeovers would be removing old flooring tile or vinyl which often times leave stubborn pieces that refuse to come off the bathroom. One recommended approach in ripping the underlayment would be cutting these into small sections which make removal easier. Set the circular saw blade just deep enough to cut through the thin plywood underlayment without cutting into the underlying subfloor.

Utilize accent tiles

There are expensive tiles such as mosaic or glass tiles but if you are working on a tight budget for your bathroom makeovers, you don’t need a lot of it to add style and glamor to the bathroom. You may just use these special tiles in a portion of your bathroom or borders then make use of ordinary tiles to fill up the rest of the spaces in the bathroom.

Getting a Curved Shower rod

An apparently small detail, curved shower rods generates a surprising amount of space to your shower, typically as part of the 5×8 bathroom remodel ideas. You’ll pay a little more of around $28 versus to the $6 starting price for the usual straight rods. In addition to the extra space, though, the curved models look nice and attach to the wall with screws instead of tension, so you don’t need to worry about them being pulled down.

Add a spacer to the toilet flange or extension

When you add the floor tiles upon replacing the vinyl flooring, it will add an extra height that will most likely raise the toilet enough to no longer fit snugly on the flange for the waste line in the floor. This will entail raising the flange. One would need a flange spacer that attaches to the flange with screws to give you the extra height. Once it’s in, you install the toilet normally, with the wax ring. Flange spacers are offered in different thicknesses at home centers for about $3.

Consider appropriate lighting needs

Consider the lighting as an essential factor for bathroom makeovers; you do not want to end up with outdated light fixtures. Plan the lighting needs ahead of time which would include running cable wires and should be safe enough for any users. Choose recessed lighting over the shower for a more effective illumination while one is taking a bath.

Always call a professional for additional help

We know for a fact that time and money are of the essence but if at any point you feel that there are some activities that are already beyond your knowledge and skills and are already outside of your comfort zone, call a professional. You may need an electrician to help run cable wires for in-floor heating controls or a plumber if the water or drain lines need to be moved. It is a no go if we stick with DIY because we do not want to end up spending more money on repairs and reconstructing because one went on to do an activity resulting into a more catastrophic output. A project planner may want to factor this in early on.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

If one wishes to undergo a bathroom remodeling, it can be really exhausting but worth it once the desired output has been met.
It is important to have a clear mindset on what to expect and what are the things that need to be considered which can definitely spell out the difference between a months long waking experience ending up in a bathroom that you settle or a very pleasant experience resulting in the bathroom you have long been dreaming for.
Whether you are remodeling a small bathroom or an executive or large one, many aspects should be considered and should be approached with extreme preparation and thinking to end up with the expected output you have set.
The following are the items and things one should consider and not take for granted:
Determine the bathroom remodeling cost
Before you begin any project you have in mind, it is important to lay out the expectation and efficiently determine how to remodel a bathroom on a budget, not unless one has overflowing resources on hand to come up with his or her dream bathroom.
Placing the expectations into perspectives is needed when it comes to how much money one is willing to invest.
Consider factors such as size of the bathroom, the quality of materials you want to include and whether you are planning to do some labor yourself or hire bathroom remodeling contractors for further assistance and expertise.
Going online and checking websites of bathroom designs and ideas would be recommended to give one a clearer idea on hot designs and the corresponding cost on achieving it.
Ensure that you do not make the toilet the first thing one sees when opening the door
If you are to ask any bathroom designer or bathroom remodeling contractors what his first and main tip is, this would be on top of his or her list.
The reasons are quite obvious.
Most of the times, bathroom doors are left open wherein guest who will be coming in and out of your house would be the first thing that they would see and admittedly, may not be the most pleasant thing that you would like them to see.
Just make sure that this would not be the focal point of your house, its best to situate it internally or a strategic location in your home which would not that be difficult for anyone to go into.
Consider having a few vintage finishes in your bathroom
Though part of your steps to remodel a bathroom would be giving them a fresh, contemporary look, there would be times that you would need to retain some original aspects of it.
For older homes, the original wall tiles may have several coats of concrete and maybe wire lath which would make it difficult to remove causing additional labor cost.
Consider keeping the vintage tiles and allot the time and money in just enhancing these tiles or putting the resources elsewhere.
Think of an effective and pleasant lighting scheme
The best way to plan a well lit space is to ensure one incorporates layers of task, accent, ambient and decorative lighting.
The lighting should not be that glaring yet not too dim enough to see the surroundings and get a cozy feel.
Take note of bathroom dimensions
It is important to learn and understand the project area by knowing a few key measurements which includes the size of a typical bathtub and how much space is needed for a toilet, which will definitely help achieve an efficient bathroom remodeling scheme.
Plan the right height for your sink
This is one of the most common de prioritized items when remodeling a bathroom. The typical counter tops range from 32 to 34 inches from the ground or floor.
You would need to think of how your sink will add to or take away from the counter top’s height.
If you have an above-counter vessel sink, for example, you’ll want to make your counter height lower so you can wash your hands or brush your teeth comfortably.
Consider a corner sink
When working on a tight or small bathroom with potential traffic flow problems due to the entry door or with layouts having shower doors, it is best to consider putting the sink in the corner which saves up space and eating up the larger portion of the bathroom floor.
Choosing the right vanity
These vanities are established and put up not only for looks but also for other needed reasons.
It is important to balance whether we allot a smaller or bigger space for this; it could eat up a considerable amount of space if it is too big or you would be scrambling for more counter tops if this is too small.
Picking the inappropriate materials would lead to having maintenance issues.
It is alright to spend on a few high end materials
Smaller spaces like the bathroom can be a good recipient for a few higher end materials and can definitely be a good investment.
See what you can do shifting from the most basic , affordable materials to higher quality and high end materials as one does remodeling bathroom showers, tubs or sink.
Make sure to double check tile sizes
There are some home and house ware stores that sells different sized tiles from what they are marketing.
That’s because most tile is sold in European sizes (millimeters), and the quoted size might also factor in a grout joint, putting your fancy new tile at 11⅜, which can affect your tile layout, niches and plumbing.
Try installing a toilet yourself
The costs of installing fixtures also add to the cost of a remodeling project. One thing that many homeowners can do themselves is hook up a new toilet, which can take just one hour.