Tips for Remodeling Your Home for the New Year

new year 2017 home remodel More often than not, most new year’s resolution would include staying fit and healthy, losing weight and diet, spending less and in turn saving more.

Wouldn’t it be great to add home remodeling as part of your new year’s resolution list to start the year right?

Below are some of the home renovation tips that a home owner would be able to apply to have their house in great shape all year round:

  1. A house or home owner can invest in smart tech thermostats which identifies and memorizes energy use patterns and utilizes Geo-fence technology to determine whether you are at home or outside for work. It is perfect for either the on the go person or a lazy type one as they would just need to use their phones and change the temperature from the couch or before leaving their houses in their smart touch screen phones.
  2. Light switches adapted a new and modern twist called occupancy sensors that automatically turn overhead lights on or off based on motions in the room or specific area. Kids and adult would often forget turning the lights off on their way out and this technology would be essential and would end up on top of the list for renovation ideas for small homes and large scale ones.
  3. If you are into security proofed aspect, video doorbells and smart-smoke alarms will be a best option for you to get into. The technology will help notify you if someone is knocking at the front door or even if you are in vacation, you would be able to identify who’s there. Smart smoke alarms will inform you via sms or text if set off. Though the technology has not yet been set to call the police or fire department once it is triggered, you will have to do this on your own.
  4. Ensure to look at your budget and spend wisely for the upcoming year and plan for having your renovation ideas for old homes to materialize. Examples are working on one small fix per month would also be advisable, like your remodeling ideas for kitchens which would make wonders if done properly, adding LED lights to brighten up key areas, painting kitchen cabinets, getting new counter tops or a new faucet to change the old leaking ones or changing to water impermeable engineered vinyl plank flooring
  5. Indulge into the option of swapping out your current appliances for Energy Star ones and water sense faucets and fixtures.
  6. Be observant and do the yearly check-ups. Take a pair of binoculars for an objective tour around your house exterior, he suggests. Look for decayed wood, loose or missing roof shingles, and whether gutters are clear and if there are any potential leakage issues.
  7. Another activity you can do as part of your house remodeling ideas for small homes and big ones would be rearranging furniture and pull out things you haven’t used for quite a while. This would be the most economical way to do home renovation or remodeling to give your dwellings a different touch in the new year.
  8. Check on one safety-related item per month, whether testing your smoke alarms, adding carbon monoxide detectors, maintaining the furnace, or cleaning dryer exhaust ducts.

As we look into the new year leaving behind the current year, it is predicted that we will be seeing certain design trends popping up in homes and houses.

The common trends would include bold and dramatic colors while other options will have a more minimalist feel.

This home remodeling option would include changing your home paint or design colors with the following:

  • Bold and Dramatic Colors

    • Jewel colors are expected to enter the scene making their ways into homes in the form of paint colors, accent pieces and in decorative items like blankets, throw pillows and curtains. Colors range from deep, vivid greens and purples. Another popular color to look into would be named Greenery. This color is defined with a zesty green hue with a refreshing and revitalizing feel which is a perfect approach to start a new year.
  • Marble accent

    • Marble is set to make a comeback at the start of the new year. Marble accents ranging from tables to counter tops as part of the remodeling ideas for kitchens and even for smaller pieces like the cutting boards. It is becoming popular that we are seeing marble-inspired textures used in once unfamiliar places like graphic design, packaging, clothing, bed sheets and more. With its timeless beauty, it’s easy to see why everyone is loving marble.
  • Matte appliances

    • Manufacturers and the consumers are getting inclined into getting matte stainless steel appliances and are beginning to trend higher versus the shiny ones we’ve accustomed to seeing. The matte look goes with the minimalist trend we see in more sleek homes as opposed to a glossy finish. Matte finished appliances would not just be falling under a dark grey tint which is quite similar to the traditional stainless steel but would also be available in white, black and gray. If you like a more modern and minimalist look for your home for your home renovation tips, you might be drawn to these more muted appliances.
  • Subway tile

    • Another option that is on the rise in popularity is the classic subway tile. The ceramic tile is making a noise and nothing can stop its way back into homes in the form of kitchen back splashes and bathroom showers. The subway tile is a very well renowned choice on television shows like HGTV’s Fixer Upper; the show’s designer combines the clean look of the tile with marble counter tops, sleek appliances and trendy decor.

These are just only a few home remodeling ideas that one can start doing to their most valuable and vital property.